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Councils and Forums

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Councils and Forums

ITS America’s Forums

ITS America’s Forums serve as the focal point for dialogue and networking on the challenges and opportunities surrounding research and deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

The five Forums address Safety, Transportation Management, Commercial Vehicle & Freight Mobility, Sustainability, as well as Emerging Technologies not easily embodied in one Forum.

Each Forum consists of committees — smaller ad hoc or standing groups that concentrate on specific ITS challenges, needs, or opportunities. Many of these committees have played a longstanding role in ITS America, tackling a range of issues from rural and public transit to information, weather, and training and education. These groups help provide the backbone for the outcome-focused Forums and compliment emerging conversations in the ITS arena that promote greater understanding of the evidence that ITS makes a difference in the performance of our transportation systems.

We welcome your participation and invite you to join the groups most important to you. Feel free to identify your interests; contact the Membership Team at Membership@itsa.org or call 202-484-4847.

North American Traffic Working Group

The North American Traffic Working Group (NATWG) are ITS America members working collaboratively to define, accept and advocate for the unique needs of North America traffic information services. NATWG seeks to develop a coordinated, proactive market driven implementation of traffic and travel information services and products by both influencing international standards efforts and coordinating the development of non-competitive commercial agreements.

Connected Vehicles Task Force

ITS America members have been thought leaders and supporters of USDOT in its effort to lay the groundwork for a nationally interoperable, wireless communications system, based on Dedicated Short Range Communciations (DSRC) and other wireless technologies.

ITS America petitioned and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on behalf of the ITS community to provide spectrum for DSRC in the late 1990’s, and continues to interact with industry and government to achieve the vision for IntelliDrive, through cooperation on technical and policy issues, meetings, technology demonstrations, and public engagement and advocacy.

The ITS America Connected Vehicles Task Force addresses a number of challenges and explores opportunities to achieve deployment of DSRC and related wireless communications-based intelligent transportation systems. Issues examined include technical risks such as ensuring interoperability and security; and institutional risks such as addressing liablity and privacy issues, meeting stakeholder needs, and ensuring system sustainablity.

Transportation Safety Advancement Group

Formerly known as the Public Safety Advisory Group (PSAG) the Transportation Safety Advancement Group (TSAG) will continue its charter mission of advancing the application of transportation technologies for enhanced transportation safety, mobility, and economy. TSAG is comprised of members from key transportation and public safety interests and stakeholders.