Cyber Security and Risk Management in Transportation

In transportation, new technology is creating incredible opportunities to improve the safety and efficiency of our vehicles and highways. However, new technologies and growing connectivity also represent new challenges as well — in particular in the area of security.

Assessment: Cybersecurity and Dependable Transportation

System Assurance, Operations and Reactive Defense for Next Generation Vehicles and  Intelligent Highway InfrastructurePDF

This report is an overview of global innovations in risk management and development of safe, dependable and secure systems. Cyber security is about meeting critical assurance requirements – maintaining transportation systems that ensure the preservation of human safety, the environment, critical economic infrastructure, and the viability of commerce and maintenance of personal privacy.

This future Technology Assessment report discusses security engineering in the context of transportation sector. Security engineering is the building of systems that remain dependable in the face of malice. Over the long term, security must be managed as technology and economic incentives changes, new systems are integrated and latent vulnerabilities emerge. This report reviews trends in securing enterpise systems and networks, as well as the unique challenges presented by connectivity of safety-critical control systems, such as those found in vehicles and in highway Advanced Traffic Management Systems.

Contacts for ITS America’s Technology Scan

Steven H. BaylessAdrian GuanSean Murphy and Patrick Son

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