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Market Research

Deploying Safety Technologies in Commercial Vehicles

March 2015

ITS America teamed up with University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute to conduct a study intends to analyze the current landscape of on-board safety technology and illuminate the costs and benefits of ITS safety deployment seen by the commercial trucking industry. The study targets large fleet operators with 300 or more vehicles, as they are generally early adopters of on-board safety technology, and their perspective is a good indicator of future deployment. One of the key goals of the project is to determine the penetration rates of five predominant ITS safety technologies: Lane Departure Warning or Mitigation, Stability Control, Forward Collision Warning or Mitigation, Blind Spot Detection, and Vehicle Communication Systems. Study protocol includes a quantitative online survey, as well as qualitative interviews with various industry stake-holders. This document provides a brief overview of the preliminary survey results through industry surveys and interviews with various stakeholder groups.

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Assessment: The U.S. Intelligent Transportation Systems Market

Revenues of Service, Opportunities and Challenges, January 2013 

The ideas and data in the report offer unique insight into the ITS industry, surveying ITS individuals with domain expertise in the primary ITS key focus areas. It also provides an acute analysis of the technical trends, opportunities for growth and challenges the industry is facing.

Following up on the results from the previous study in 2011, ITS America’s, “Sizing the U.S. and North American Intelligent Transportation System Market: Market Data Study of ITS Revenues and Employment.”  This new report offers a detailed breakdown of the granular market data that has been desired by the ITS professional community.

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    • Please contact the Membership Team or Adrian Guan (author). The report is free for ITS America members and costs $500 for non-members.

 Report: The Market for Intelligent Transportation Systems in the U.S. and North America

August 2011

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) has completed a two-phase study, commissioned by the U.S. Department of Transportation Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), to develop accurate and comprehensive estimates of the breadth and size of the U.S. and North American Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) markets. Prior to this study, the ITS industry, and particularly the private sector portion, had never been extensively characterized.

The study concludes that, in addition to the $48 billion U.S. ITS end-use products and services market, the rest of North America (Canada and Mexico) contributes another $4 billion in ITS revenues, for a total North American ITS end-use product and services market of $52 billion.

The study further highlights the impact of ITS private sector employment on every state in the U.S. and small business’ significant role in the ITS industry, with 73 percent of U.S. ITS revenues attributable to companies with fewer than 500 employees.

Contact for ITS America’s Market Research

Adrian Guan