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Membership | ITS America


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ITS America’s unique asset and value is the ability for private company’s public, researchers and academics to come to the same table to create and advance policies for the next generation of mobility.

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Who we are:

ITS America is the nation’s leading advocate for the technological modernization of our transportation system by focusing on advancing research & deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

What we do:

We facilitate collaboration between private companies, public agencies, research institutions and academia while educating the public about the importance of intelligent transportation systems

Our Focus:

ITS America’s Mission is meant to create a policy environment that drives ITS and IoT development & deepens membership engagement. We provide an environment where stakeholders can engage with one another to advance the next generation of ITS.

Our Value to the members:

The advocacy work of ITS America translates business objectives into policy that reinvents transportation and creates markets that develop into business opportunities; through legislative & regulatory initiatives, grassroots coalition building & educational efforts, events, policy aligned conferences & programs, and standards development. We are the only national organization of private companies, researchers, academia, and public agencies that meet collectively, at the same table.

If you have questions or would like to apply contact:

Rachel Rettberg
Membership and Meetings Coordinator