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National/Regional Smartphone Apps

Are you searching for a smartphone transportation application? ITS America is pleased to share a list of some of the leading applications to make your commute smarter, faster and safer.  Is your favorite app missing from this list?  Email membership@itsa.org to have it added to the list!


Google Maps Provides developers with the ability to integrate the robust Google Maps platform into their application or website

Bing Maps – Gives users the ability to get directions, view traffic, view business and includes detailed maps of many venues

Sygic – Sygic is a voice guided GPS navigation app that includes the latest maps and a set of navigation features. Both app and maps are updated for free.

Parking, Fuel, Ridesharing, and More . . .

Real-time Ridesharing – The Avego iPhone app makes your commute cheaper by offering vacant seats in your car to other passengers.  You automatically receive payments from passengers at the end of your journey.  You can also use this application to locate available rides around you using any smartphone.

MobileParkingApps – Mobile Parking Apps will help you find the cheapest parking rates anywhere in Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, LA, and New York.

Parking Mate – Parking mate helps users avoid parking tickets by giving them access to a parking timer.

VoicePark – Aids users in finding where they have parked using a real-time turn by turn navigation system to help track users current location and destination

PrimoSpot – PrimoSpot helps users find parking areas around their current location

ISpotSwap – Encourages user participation to find parking spots and trade these spots with other ISpotSwap users

ParkMobile – By parking in and ParkMobile space, you can use the app to activate your parking session and it will text you or send an email 15 minutes before your parking session expires.

ParkMe – This app recommends the cheapest and closest parking around your location.

SpotHero – SpotHero is a free website and app (iOS and Android) that helps drivers search for off-street parking, compares rates, and prepay to reserve spots in Chicago, New York City, Washington, D. C., and other major cities.

Gas Hog – Allows users to track fuel economy statistics for their vehicles by entering odometer and gas pricing information when they fill their tanks

AroundMe – Allows the user to search a variety of information, including gas station locations and prices, based on the user’s location

GasBuddy – This app from Gasbuddy.com maps or lists gas stations in the area and can be sorted by price or distance to you. Listings are updated by users, who earn points toward prizes with each update. It’s free and it’s compatible with iPhone iOS 3.0 or later, Android 1.5 and up,

FuelFinder – This app uses data on gas prices and geo-location from Gasbuddy.com to show you pricing and locations of gas stations near you. With FuelFinder, you also find out information about the gas station, i.e., whether there’s a car wash, ATM, food mart, and approximate time to get to the station from where you are. It’s $2.99, (which doesn’t even get you a gallon of gas these days!) and it’s compatible with iPhone iOS 3.1.3 or later.

TripTik – Useful app for locating gas stations and seeing pricing information. It’s extremely useful if you’re a AAAmember because you can also see route maps, AAA offices locations, AAA approved hotels, restaurants, auto repair locations, etc. It’s free, and compatible with iPhone 3.0 or later.

Cheap Gas! – The coolest feature on this app is its augmented reality feature. It shows you local features, and overlays the name of the gas station, distance to the gas station, and price of the gas. A fun way to find the best gas prices. Available for iPhone. Cost: Free

GasBook – Cheap gas apps are a dime a dozen. For a buck, you can get arguably the best. GasBook plots fuel stations on a map, offers a clear and clean interface, and lets you bookmark your favorite stations for quick and easy access at a glance.

iGasUp – This app has pricing data on 110,000 gas stations and gets its pricing data from credit card transactions that are updated in real time. Upon launch of the app, the ten cheapest gas stations closest to your location show up in order of lowest to highest price. It’s $.99, and compatible with iPhone iOS 2.2.1 or later.

ParkWhiz– Compare price, location, and amenities for parking all across the US to find the right parking spot for you. When you find parking you like, lock it in by reserving a spot on ParkWhiz. You’ll instantly receive an electronic parking pass to print at your convenience or use on your smartphone. Your spot is guaranteed and there are no extra fees or surcharges when you park. Follow the provided driving directions and present your ParkWhiz parking pass to the parking attendant who will show you to your parking spot. Your guaranteed spot is already paid for and waiting for you, so just park and be on your way!


Sigalert – Provides information on current road conditions, speed information and access to live cameras to aid commuters

Waze – Waze relies on user participation for reporting of traffic, car accidents and the presence of speed traps.  Once a report is made by one user, other users are able to access that report using the Waze map.

Beat the Traffic – Beat the Traffic shows real-time maps of road and traffic conditions for users.

iTraffic – Provides live traffic maps, showing traffic speeds and incidents on major routes for hundreds of cities and suburbs to help you plan your schedule and route.

Inrixtraffic – Provides users with real time traffic information, traffic impacting incident information, traffic forecasting, reported incidents and projected arrival times for Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry users

view2road – Allows users to view live cameras of certain road locations using iOS and Windows Phone devices

traffic.com – App gives users information on traffic congestion, incident information, savable routes and real-time traffic maps

National Transit Apps

Anystop – This app uses real time information for various forms of transportation including subways, buses and ferries.  It uses google maps to find stops and routes in multiple locations across the country.

Hop Stop – Hop Stop provides directions and maps to subway and bus stations across a variety of metropolitan areas.  It also includes detailed walking, biking and taxi directions.

Matemate – This app provides maps across multiple metropolitan areas for commuters traveling into or out of the city.  It includes subways, buses, and trains.

Beat the Traffic – This app allows you to create your own personalized route and then updates you on traffic conditions, weather conditions, incidents, and cameras along the way.

Roadify – Connects you to transit schedules, alerts, and updates from other commuters.  You can check your favorite routes and it will give you updates as you proceed.

Embark – This app has a trip planning feature to help plan the routes of your trip.  It also uses real time information to give the best estimates of train schedules.  It works without an internet or cellular connection so it is available anywhere at any time.

Stopango – This app provides constantly updated time tables for mass transit in a variety of cities.

Routefriend – Routefriend uses real time information to compare prices and schedules of different bus and train agencies in multiple cities.  It also provides real time departure and arrival information.

The Next Train – This app allows you to view train schedules 14 days in advance as well as provides maps to make finding any stop easy.

iTransitBuddy – iTransitBuddy provides up-to-date transit schedules for multiple transit agencies.

iTrans – iTrans provides live train times, maps, and directions for multiple metropolitan areas.

Transit – Provides public transit information comprising a list of routes, stops, nearby stops, and favorite routes for the metropolitan areas of New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Houston

Transit Times – Provides transit schedules, route mapping, cost calculation and live vehicle positions for iOS and Andriod markets within a variety of metropolitan areas around the world

TransitGuru – An iPhone application covering a variety of public transit systems within most major US metro areas and some Canadian and Australian transit systems

HopStop – App offering detailed directions (primarily using public transport) within a variety of domestic and international metro areas

Green Rider – Green Rider includes information on mass transit for major domestic metropolitan areas including tracking in real-time, online schedules and maps, ride alarms and carbon footprint tracking.

Drivewyze PreClear: is an innovative way for carriers to bypass weigh stations and inspection sites using tablets, smartphones and select EOBRs.  Save time and money – low cost intrastate and interstate plans mean that you can find an affordable alternative to bypass programs whether travelling in-state or out of state.  Find out more atwww.drivewyze.com


Apps by City


New York City

511 NY – This app provides real time transit information as well as updates on traffic conditions and weather forecasts.

Iride – This app provides information on bus services throughout New York.  It includes departure times, pricing, the distance to the nearest bus stop, maps, and advisories.

City Transit – This app uses official maps and a GPS-based station finder combined with live service advisories to help navigate the New York City subway and bus systems.

Exit Strategy NYC – This app includes a subway map, bus maps, and neighborhood maps to help navigate through New York City and save time for the user.

NYC Subway – This app uses a reality function to provide you with a live camera view of the nearest subway stations within New York City.  It provides a 360 view but only stations within 1km will be displayed.

WayFinderNYC – This app uses photo technology to calculate your location and then list the nearest subway stations near you.  You can choose between a camera view, a map, or a list of stations.

Weeels – Locates taxi cabs and offers ride sharing to keep unneeded cars off the road.

Washington DC

NextbusDC – This app uses real-time GPS tracking to calculate bus arrivals, stop locations, and route maps.

Washington Metro – This app uses Google Map to locate the nearest station to your position on the map.

Find a metro dc – This app gives real-time information on the metro, buses and delays.

DC Metro Rails – This app gives real-time train arrivals and rail alerts for the Washington DC metro.

DC Circulator – DC Circulator provides real-time bus location information and allows you to select your Circulator route and bus stop.  It uses GPS data to let you know how close the buses are, and whether or not there are any service disruptions.

DC Tracker – This app is used to track when a bus will arrive at any stop you choose.  It also uses Google Map to locate any bus stop.

CrimeRank – CrimeRank uses real-time information to incorporate crime data within the DC metropolitan area.  It provides the commuter with crime information along their travel route and gives different options of how to reach their destination via public transportation.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority – Apps including a trip planner, scheduled departures, next train, next bus, elevator/escalator outages, disruptions and a system map for the greater DC area. 


MARTA – This application allows the user access to all bus and rail schedules and maps for MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority).


Charm City Circulator – Provides current location information, maps of relevant bus routes, estimated arrival times for buses, important transportation updates as well as a guide to nearby points of interest within Baltimore


T-on-Time – This app is optimal for regular commuters on the Boston transit system.  It uses a live map to locate exactly where your train is to help commuters get their trains in the quickest way possible.

To a T – This app locates the nearest T-station or bus stop and then provides access to a Google Map to help you find your way to that station.  It also tells you which lines a bus will connect to.

Tleave – Tleave determines your travel direction and then shows you the next trains based on the current time.


Ride CATS – Provides detailed information on using the CATS public transit system within the Charlotte metro area


Chicago Transit Tracker – Provides user access to commonly used routes, arrival times, maps and closest routes for CTA buses and El trains

Transit Tracks – Provides bus and train times directly from the CTA Bus Tracker and CTA Train tracker in addition to mapping features and the ability to bookmark your most commonly used stops

TreKing – Supports all 4 major Chicago transit system, a variety of features including real time predictions for CTA buses and trains, real time predictions for Paces buses, schedule based predictions for Metra trains, ability to save favorite stops, alarm feature to remind the user to get on or off public transit, lists of nearby stops, maps of public transit systems, directions via public transit, service alerts that could affect your trip

ChiTransit – Tracker for CTA Buses and El trains, includes real time transit tracking and favorite and nearest stop features

TransitGenie – TransitGenie is a personalized real-time-aware multi-modal public transit navigator for the City of Chicago. It provides step-by-step instructions for traveling between any two locations using the CTA, Metra and Pace transit systems.

Locomatix – A platform to collect social, locational, transactional, sales, operations and business performance data for business applications

myTransit – CTA – myTransit gives you easy access to the Chicago Transit Authority’s real time tracking system from any iPhone or iPod Touch with network access. With myTransit you can quickly find out when your bus will be arriving to any stop you choose.

CTA Bus Tracker – CTA Bus Tracker uses GPS devices to report bus location data (and more) back to servers and then the app, in real time, can show you where buses are on a map and estimate when they will arrive at your stop.

commuting.inCommuting.in pulls the live bus tracking information from the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Bus-tracker & automatically shows you your favorite stops at your usual times

Los Angeles

Los Angelbus – This app shows locations and predicts bus times in Los Angeles using GPS info from the Los Angeles Metro

The Big Verdict – This app displays a map of Los Angeles County, with live traffic updates showing both the location of accidents and the type of accidents around town.


Miami-Dade Transit – Allows the user to access information related to Metrorail trains and Kendall Cruiser buses on the iPhone including schedules, real time tracking, route information and route creation, fare information and the status of elevator and escalator services at Metrorail and Metromover stations

Miami Transit Tracker – App for iPhone and Android that allow students to interact with student transit services like parking and shuttle information and shuttle schedules at the University of Florida.

Miami Bus Train – App to get scheduled times and real times for the Miami Dade Transit System (Metro Rail and Metro Bus). It also allows you to save your favorites routes for later review.

Miami Metro – App accesses latest Miami Metro transit maps.


Trainboard – Provides users with train schedules and real time train updates as well as the ability to locate the closest train stations to their current location.

Philadelphia Transit – Gives the user access to Philadelphia public transit schedules and information.

Tiramisu- This app provides schedule information for the transit system (Port Authority of Allegheny County) which serves the Pittsburgh region.  Tiramisu is a RITA funded app, that also provides real time arrival information through crowd sourcing.

ParkPGH  Provides users with the location, pricing, directions and the number of available spaces in select parking garages in downtown Pittsburgh.  This system is a RITA funded app, that is going to be expanded throughout Pittsburgh in the future.


MyTrimet – MyTrimet monitors 2 stop locations within the Portland area to allow the user to view departures and arrivals at the selected locations.

Portland Transit – Provides stop and route information, maps, trip planning for Portland Transit.

San Francisco

Bay Tripper – Allows the user to get real-time arrivals for MUNI and BART, plan trips using public transit and biking, features schedules for Caltrain, BART, and Bay Area Ferries (Blue and Gold Fleet, Golden Gate Ferry, Alameda Harbor Bay Ferry) to Sausalito, Larkspur, Alameda, Oakland, Vallejo and call local cab companies.

iCommute-SF – iCommute SF helps you locate, organize and access route information and real-time arrival predictions for San Francisco’s transit system

MuniApp – Locate nearby stops and stations, includes timetables and route information

MuniRiders – Includes a test message service predicting bus and train arrival times and a map showing nearby station locations

MetroNowmetroNOW! is a transit application for the iPhone that provides immediate, real-time information about available transit options based on your current location, or on a specified location you’ve added to your “saved locations” list.

iBartNow – Application for blackberry that helps commuters find train departure information within the BART system

iBart – Offers trip planning, real time train tracking, and trip information withing the San Francisco BART system

iCommute SF – iCommute SF helps you locate, organize and access route information and real-time arrival predictions for San Francisco’s Muni system.

Routesy – Gives the user up-to-date information, real-time predictions and route locations for the San Francisco Muni, BART, Caltrain and AC transit systems


OneBusAway – OneBusAway provides easy access to real-time transit information for the Puget Sound region and beyond.

SeattleBus – Seattle Bus provides real-time arrival and departure info for bus stops across the greater Seattle metro area including coming buses/routes, the scheduled time for their arrival, and the wait time until their actual expected arrival.

Seattle Metro – Seattle Metro provides access to the Seattle King County Metro and Bus systems and allows the user to track buses and trains and find closest stops.