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Public Policy Statements | ITS America

Public Policy Statements

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Public Policy Statements

Smart Communities

ITS America Statement for the Record, House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Hearing on “Smart Communities”, March 16, 2017
Download PDF: ITS America Statement for the Record on Smart Communities PDF

Automated Vehicle Standards and Policy

ITS America sees the establishment of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) automated vehicle guidance as big step in the right direction. Automated vehicles will transform mobility—improve the efficiency, safety, accessibility of our transportation system—in ways previously unimagined. Building trust and consumer confidence in the technology takes cooperation from industry and government. The Federal Automated Vehicles Policy is a good starting point for establishing more defined roles and responsibilities among industry, state regulators and the federal government in advancing this new technology.

Driver Distraction Comments

U.S. Department of Transportation Designates 10 Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds to Encourage Testing of New Technologies | Department of Transportation

FHWA Announces Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Guidance, 1/19/2017 | Federal Highway Administration

ITS America Federal Automated Vehicles Policy Comments to NHTSA, November 22, 2016

ITS America Autonomous Vehicles Letter to House Transportation Infrastructure Committee, December 5, 2016

Connected Vehicle Standards and Policy

Download PDF: Docket No. NHTSA-2016-0126 (NHTSA Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards; V2V Communications)

With NHTSA announcement of a proposed standard for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications, the auto and tech industry will begin process of deploying cooperative safety and mobility applications in cars. Connected vehicle technology and other intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are transforming safety and mobility on our nation’s roadways. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), in coordination with major automakers and other public and private sector innovators, has been working to advance vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications technology to help prevent traffic crashes before they happen.

Link to Safety and Connected Vehicles Page